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An Excerpt From Islands Riders and the Poachers Islet

This is one of the many jokes that Copper actually played on his unsuspecting company – he has a fondness for shiny objects

That afternoon, Amanda helped Kathryn and others prepare the horses for the afternoon trail ride.  Copper was not to be in the ride, but Dana acopper-and-rider-2nd Rebbecca’s horses, Sandy and Chubber were.  Since this was the girls first time at the club, Sophie was to take them with Copper and show them how to equip a horse western and give them lessons in the arena.  Kathryn, Hillary and others took the trail ride out to the beach.

The afternoon went by too quickly as far as Amanda was concerned.  It was all she could do to hold in her enthusiasm.  Seeing Copper perform with western equipment for Sophie and watching him turn on a dime, when the rein was laid across his neck, made her proud enough to burst.

In her eyes, her horse was perfect, though she had to admit that she wasn’t impressed with the heavy saddle, which she found difficult to place on his back and just as hard to tighten up.  The saddle was large and Copper was too fat and when she tried to mount up, the saddle rolled under his belly, once again placing her flat on her backside beside him. The horse snorted and the others, including Sophie, laughed while Amanda tried her best to cover up the rising color to her face by jokingly reminding Copper who his meal ticket was this summer.

After practicing their riding lessons, the small group stood in the center of the arena, discussing their favorite subject, horses, when Copper, becoming bored, spied Dana’s large belt buckle.  He pushed through the group, grabbed it and picked up the girl.  Squealing, Dana grabbed for Sophie, pulling the instructor to her knees.  The movement made Dana slip into a horizontal position dangling from the horse’s mouth.  Amanda jumped to grab Copper’s bridle, but he shook his head, causing Dana to scream with fright.  Sophie, while trying to get to her feet, knocked the legs from under Amanda, who fell on top of the instructor.  Sophie had not quite regained her balance and the pair of them fell under the screaming Dana.  Copper, tiring of his noisy victim, lowered her gently to the top of the jumbled mass of flaying legs and arms below him.  He backed away from the pile of people and looked at Rebbecca as if to ask, if she would like to join them.

Rebbecca back away from the horse, too scared to do anything but watch him.  The others finally untangled themselves and looked at the horse, also.  Copper shook his head, lifted one front hoof, and stretched back on his hind legs.  He lowered his head until his muzzle was touching the ground, behind his remaining front hoof, like he was performing a final bow.  Amanda and Sophie roared with laughter, but poor Dana and Rebbecca shook with fear.  Dana was near tears.

“I should have known better… I should have kno…” Sophie tried to say between gulps of laughter, but when she started, the thoughts of what Copper had done brought a fresh bout of laughter. “Then to use Copper…without another ….horse present.”

“Everyone said Copper would make a fool of me,” Amanda laughed.  “Hillary said he always does something to pull a joke on someone, but I never thought he would take on four of us at the same time.”

By this time Rebbecca some lost her fear and joined the laughter.  “He’s such a showoff!”

Dana, still shaken could see the humor in the horse’s stunt, but still felt nervous around him.  “Did you see the bow he did, just as though he was accepting applause.  He did that on purpose, didn’t he?”

Sophie agreed, “Yes, but I must admit, I’ve never had the privilege of being at the butts end of his jokes, before.  He did get all of us, didn’t he?”

“Not me,” Rebbecca said.

Amanda laughed at her.  “You looked more scared, then all of us put together, even Dana.  I’d say he got you, too.”


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