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Can You Find The Seven Horses?

Perhaps we have all seen the amazing art of Jim Warren, even though we haven’t paid enough attention to the artist himself.  Warren has painted many of the stunning pictures that circulate the internet and this is but one of them. He has created a series of ‘find the hidden objects’ paintings with animal and marine life.

The inspiration for me to place this painting here, at this time, came from TrotonTV’s blog at blogspot, where he had placed an image of another seven horses.  He had created quite a stir.

Because of Jim Warren’s amazing abilities, I will be looking further into his work to see what other goodies he has painted. There are Seven Horses in this picture.  Not all of them are easy to see. Can you find them?



The artist, Jim Warren, had this to say about this painting”

“As a kid, I always enjoyed those drawings in activity books with the faces and animals hidden in it. But they were often too easy, even for your average half-witted 10 year old such as myself. So I painted “Seven Horses”, where each horse is a little harder than the next to find, until the seventh, which is almost impossible unless you’re Einstein, who is not alive. So if you find six, here is a hint for the seventh:  “


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  1. I’m in love with this painting! I found 5 of the seven horses ok, and then had to call my boyfriend over to help me hunt for the last two! We spent a good 5 minutes looking at it before we discovered them, although I’m not sure if that was just our imaginations forming them from random shapes, or if they were the actually 6th and 7th horses 😀

    Comment by Hop On a Horse | March 24, 2009

  2. I found six and but the seventh eluded me for the longest time. They are all pretty clear but it is necessary to focus your eyes from a distance to see the one that is outlined by the vegetation. My eyes focused on the sea and I couldn’t see the horse, lol.
    Thanks for the visit, Hop On a Horse.

    Comment by GimmeADream | March 25, 2009

  3. after a long search working with my friend we have found the ten horses hidden in this amazing and wonderful picture but we can say that jim warren is a great artist and einstein is back.

    Comment by Rita and Rayane | March 27, 2009

  4. Wow Rita! You certainly have exceptional perception. I know I can’t see them all, but then I don’t have a very artistic mind. Maths and sciences were always my deal.

    Comment by GimmeADream | March 27, 2009

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