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Is There An Escape Artist In Every Herd?

In every herd there is always an escape artist! Is that my imagination? 


Willow Breeze - The Escape Artist

Willow Breeze - The Escape Artist

This is mine!  Little Willow Breeze seems to be able to get out of every fence, whenever the mood strikes her.  Whenever the grass is greener on the other side.  Whenever some of the hay has blown to the other side of the fence.  Whenever Gimme A Dream picks on her and she feels unloved by the herd.  

Willow is a Canadian horse! Truthfully, I have never seen a horse more capable of making a fool out of me, then she is.  Willow is a problem-solver.  She has learned quickly how to open gates, lift bars over posts, untie knots in any rope fence or tied door.  Canadians are well know for their problem-solving capabilities and this little one is no exception. The only thing about her that doesn’t remind me of a Canadian is her incredible stubbornness.  I don’t know if it is bred into her or if it is a learned trait but my Willow is more mule, in that one respect!

Three times yesterday and first thing this morning, I had to open a hole in the fence to let her back in.  I always put their hay inside but away from the fence so that it is more advantagious for her to go back in.  Then I cut a hole in the fence because the gate is always at the other end.  Come spring, I’m getting a new gate placed at this end.

Fortunately, little Willow has a severe case of separation anxiety and won’t leave the fence more than ten feet.  Also, it is fortunate that the other two don’t go to the other side of the paddock, where Willow would be within distance of the main highway.  Because I have an escape artist in the field, I tend to always feed and water the horses at the farthest distance from the road, so the beasties tend to stay together, where they know the food is going to be.

At least I now know how she is escaping.  The snow prints have shown me everything. Last fall when she was getting out, I searched in vain for her escape route.  I actually thought she was getting down and rolling under the fence in one area, where the land took a dip in the forest and the fence was a couple of feet above the ground.  I’m still not ruling that area out though, only that it is not the place she weaseled her way out of, this winter.  And then only because of the snowdrifts in the woods make it impossible for her to get near the fence, in that area.


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