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I Can’t Believe It’s A Painting!!!

I found this cool new site…, well not actually found since I was pointed in the right direction, lol. But the site is owned and run by my sister, who sent me the URL,

My sister, Audrey is an artist from way back. She studied at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in the field of fine arts. She is a former jeweler, also, and a teacher. Take my word for it, Audrey knows art!

The name of the site is “I Can’t Believe It’s A Painting”. I’m so proud of my sister. She got a number of fabulous artists together, to offer their services. They paint from photographs because they are living in different areas, all over the world. I suppose they do sittings also, but under the circumstances it is easier to offer a service like this, online, by the use of photos. oils_018.171230448_std

I’m always taking photos and I have a few that I really treasure. My sister had one painted for me. It is a scenery shot of Brion Island. It is of a beautiful cliff with a lighthouse on top after a storm. The cliff is being beaten by wild, breaking waves.  I took the photo after an August gale in 1999, when I worked as a tourist guide to the Ecological Reserve of Brion Island.

I wanted to show another horse from the Giddy Up Pony Camp, and Audrey had given me the perfect way to do so. This is a painting of Joe. Pretty, isn’t he! Joe is a registered Paint stallion and he is a prominent member at Giddy Up Acres. Joe is so gentle and lay-back, he can be trusted with the most important cargo, a child on his back. oils_002.171221850_std

Here’s another painting of Joe with Amanda’s father, Cyrus. I honestly thought it was a scanned photograph. The likeness of Cyrus and Joe to reality is stunning! I can’t believe it’s a painting! (Cyrus is a tall man)oils_011.177220840_std

Here is a painting of my fabulous niece, Amanda Currie-Poirier, owner of the Giddy Up Pony Camp and her horse, Casper’s Haunting You. Amanda is the person I’ve wrote about in other posts. (lol, she looks like me!)oils_012.171222909_std

If you’re interested in knowing more about these fine artists, who do such wonderful paintings, my advice is to go to the website, I Can’t Believe It’s A Painting and take a look for yourself. All the information is there on how to acquire a beautiful painting of your own special horse, person, scenery, or anything else that is special to you.

I Honestly Can’t Believe It’s A Painting!!!

(please take note that the horizontal lines in the photos of the paintings are caused by the scanner/printer or computer. The lines don’t exist on the paintings. As usual the photos don’t do the paintings justice. I know, because I have the painting of Brion Island above my computer and I compared it closely.)


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  1. Wow, amazing! These look like photographs. They are beautiful. Whoever did these is really talented. Thanks for sharing these.

    Love and Blessings,

    Comment by AngelBaby | June 7, 2009

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