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More Energy With Weetabix Cereal!

I found this an amusing video which is an ad for the morning cereal, Weetabix. Have you had your Weetabix this morning?

To Grow Long Luxurious Manes and Tails

For long manes and tails – Fairy Tale Horses


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Copper And The Christmas Tree

Copper is a prankster! He is my black and white Pinto/Walker gelding.  So I’m going to write about another of his pranks.Copperwithwhitebridle-2

It was just before Christmas and midnight mass was to be held at the church at 10:00pm on Christmas eve.  Velma, my cousin was chosen to decorate the interior of Saint Peter’s By-the-Sea for the event.  She didn’t have many ideas so I lent her my artificial Christmas tree and all its decorations.  The lights were the mini kind and all white.  The ornaments were crystal in the shape of musical instruments, various seasonal characters and they reflected light incredibly. There were beaded ropes, white and red, to represent cranberries and popcorn and there were numerous silver bells. The angel on the top was haloed in lights.  What a beautiful tree it was! And ohhhh…, how she received the compliments on it.

After the service was finished, the deal was that she would return the tree to me so that we could have a Christmas tree in the house.  It never dawned on me that she would bring the tree fully open and decorated down the woodsy driveway.  Actually, it was her boyfriend who walked the tree in, on this clear, beautiful, moonless evening that had only a whisper of draft.   I thought Velma would be driving the tree back, but noooo…, that isn’t what happened.

Without thinking, I had left Copper loose. He was always getting out of his paddock anyway and the night was the perfect Christmas Eve.  It was gently snowing with huge flakes floating softly to the ground.  Along came Dany, Christmas tree held upright, out in front of him and a little to the side, fully decorated. He was so careful not to drop a single ornament. Velma followed him at a distance, with the lights of the car shining on the road ahead.

As he walked, Dany hummed a Christmas melody that had been sung at the church. The car lights split to both sides of him, so that it was black in front of him.

Umfffffff! He stopped dead. It was soft and warm. “Neighhhhhhhh!” went the furry pillow that he ran into.  Copper turned and Dany saw the white on his back and chest.  Copper went straight at him, curious to all the reflections that were coming from the tree, which was twinkling in the headlight.

Now understand, Dany had never seen a horse before, let alone run into the arse end of one on a snowy night. He screamed, then Copper screamed. Dany turned and ran back down the driveway, screaming and cursing the whole way. Copper ran after him.  Decorations went helter-skelter into the woods along side the drive, into snowbanks and onto branches and finally into the graveyard.  But Dany never let go of the tree.

Velma sat in her car and laughed until she cried.  She could only make out the bobbing tree with silver tinsel and tinkling bells and screaming curses, as it quickly approached her car. She realized what had happened too late and Dany had to suffer.

Meanwhile, I heard the ruckus and screams from the house and came running.  Copper chased Dany only till the end of the woods and stopped. He knew he wasn’t allowed to go any further and he knew that there was no reason to go any further.  By this time, he knew the funny looking shiny tree didn’t have anything good to eat. The ground was snow-covered so there was no food out there.

By the time I reached Copper, Dany was behind the car and Velma was roaring with laughter. Dany was cursing what he called the f—ing cheval.  It took weeks to get the whole story out of Velma, she laughed harder each time she told the story about Dany running into the horse’s back-end. Each time she heard the grunt come first from Dany and then from Copper. Each time she described the tree bobbing up and down the full length of the driveway, she laughed harder. And every time she tried to describe the expressions of Dany and the horse, she’d double up laughing.

Now, every Christmas for the past dozen years or so, we have our own Christmas tale that never ceases to bring giggles and laughter to the audience who wants to listen.  I, on the other hand, picked up decorations off the driveway and out of the woods and graveyard for the next six months. And Copper continued to pull practical jokes on people whenever he was given the opportunity.

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