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Beaded, Macrame Brow Strap

To ride or not to ride? What a stupid question!

My latest creation is a beaded fringe, macrame brow strap, made from baling twine.  Actually the bridle is finished and on Gimme A Dream, but he is not very unimpressed.

What a fight I had to get it on him!  Dream was bound and determined he wasn’t going to be ridden this evening, lol.  Taking his picture was almost as difficult since he wouldn’t keep still.







Note : This bridle and brow strap are part of the ever growing list of baling twine products within my arsenal…. Added to the product of the halter and lead rope, the dog leash with a training martingale, the bitless bridle, slippers and the lead rope.

I resized this bridle for little Willow Breeze (the beads are cute on her) and used it with her for a year because her old macrame bridle was a mish-mash of various colours of strings. This winter I made a new bridle/halter/bitless made of mint coloured baling twine and 6ft reins, with the saddle blanket and breast strap to match for Willow.

I’m going to resize this bridle again for Dream’s big head and remove the beads because they look stupid on him. Also I’ll add a forehead plate of some kind. I also have added a nose band and extra head strap to turn it into an English bridle. I also have a saddle blanket made out of the same coloured baling twine. Photos to come….

My reason for making these changes is because the reins on this are 7 1/2 ft long. Far too long for Willow but just right for 17hh Dream.

Have you ever wished for a long, thick, luxuriously beautiful mane and/or tail on your horse? Do you want your horse to look like he/she just stepped out of a fairy tale? It can happen – it takes work – but it can happen! Fairy Tale Horse


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