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I Have A Golden Horse, Do You?


I have a Golden Horse! But I’m the only one who sees Willow Breeze as golden. I don’t publish much about her since she has nothing really striking or unique that is visible. Most people don’t get along with her, not because she treats them badly but because she doesn’t normally treat people at all. But make no mistake, Willow  is Golden.


The Golden Horse


Interested ears forward pricked,

patiently waiting through soft velvety nose-kisses,

the Golden Horse

loves the grooming attention;

two hours of brushing, polishing and wiping

with nary a fuss but more like a sweet relaxation

reminiscent of a day at the spa.


Solidly standing for the mount,

quietly ambling the first strides

into 100% effort.

Team player to the point

Of two becoming one.


Reciprocal listening, flickering ears back and forth,

gives and takes and loose flowing backs,

seamless communication seemingly telepathic,

mindreading  aids and signals, snorts and strides,

bounces and swings –

there is no better synergy

than when two combine.


Patiently waiting through your confusion,

Kindly caring through less-than-perfect risk-taking,

he is the ultimate teacher

in your quest to grow.


One of a kind.


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