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gimme-a-dream-5Gimme A Dream is a Horse, an Hanoverian gelding to be exact. He is not the most perfect horse in the world. In fact, Gimme is far from perfect, but he is mine (or I’m his).  He stands almost 17hh and weighs almost 1400 lbs.  He is a big boy and when he wants something, not much stands in his way. But I do…, and that leads to conflict!

I’m Wynn Currie and I’ve lived with both saddle and harness race horses since I was 8 years old.  My sister and I started re-training our Standardbred mare, Mighty Anna, to become a good saddle horse. We taught her to canter and jump four foot, six inch 45 gallon oil barrels with us on her back, without a saddle or any means of holding on other then with our legs. We raised Anna’s new born colt, Dancing Moonbeam and we did this without interference from any adults. I was only 9-years-old, at the time and my sister was twelve. Horses have been in our lives ever since.

We live on the Magdalen Islands or Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada. The Magdalen Islands are in the center of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and happen to be surrounded with more than 300 km of sandy beaches, perfect for horseback riding.  Nine-year-old Dream has two mares to his herd – Willow Breeze (Minority) is a nine year old Canadian and stands almost 15hh and Woodmere Frilifili (Frilly), a Standardbred filly, standing almost 16 hh.  Occasionally there are other horses in the area.  So come along for the ride, the view or just a plain good time. We don’t have much, but we don’t need much either.




  1. Hi Wynn, I just spent waaaay too much time going through your page, and it was worth every minute! Very enjoyable and informative journey- and I learned many things I didn’t know about horses, and about your Island. Thank you, it’s a very well done site!

    P.S. The twine (we just call it ‘binder twine’ here) I have used for macrame plant hangers, lamps, hammocks and hanging tables (just add a round of glass or plywood)- and they throw wonderful shadows onto the walls and ceiling if you put a candle on the table.

    Comment by leitopi | March 29, 2009

  2. Well now Leitopi, I like learning new things everyday. Binder twine you say. I’ve made the plant hangers, and hanging tables. I’ve even made hammocks of fishing twine made the way fishermen make their nets, but really I’m just getting started with binder or baling twine. I find there is a big market for dog leases and harnesses on the net.

    Comment by GimmeADream | March 29, 2009

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