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Desire, With Wings Attached – Cancer Reasearch

Do Or Do Not – There Is No Try! ~ Yoda

This is something for Cancer Reasearch, (purposely spelled wrong – ask about it) that I wrote early in 2008.  My niece, Amanda Currie-Poirier of Giddy Up Pony Camp had won first in her division, the summer before. The division, “Dare To Wear Pink” was created and all the proceeds were sent to the cancer society for the purpose of research.

It is the hearts and the desires of all the world to find a cure for cancer. Slowly, ever so slowly, mankind is making progress. Through the generous donations and volunteer work, cancer is being slowly pushed back, hopefully into oblivion within my time.

Amands Currie Poirier with Caper's Haunting You

Amands Currie Poirier with Casper's Haunting You

The Wings of Desire were a part of the Provincial Old Home Week Equestrian Competitions of Prince Edward Island. The competition, “Dare To Wear Pink” category, is run on several different levels. All the proceeds, entry costs for both the competitor and spectator go to breast cancer research.

The western novice category last summer was won by my niece. She worked hard to find pink items to use and she wasn’t shy about wearing them either, even though she doesn’t like the color. Her horse, Casper’s Haunting You, is a grey, registered Quarterhorse and is not a stranger to the show ring, but my niece decided to enter him in the western pleasure, whereas he had always been shown in the English pleasure category. These are some pictures from the competition.

My mother, my niece’s grandmother, succumb to breast cancer turned lung cancer, on October 30th, 1982. This “Dare To Wear Pink” is for her memory. My dad died with liver cancer, on January 6th, 1991. Both were young people.


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Troubadour – An Appaloosa Sport Horse

“The mark of high equitation isnt to be found in extraordinary movements

but those that are executed with perfect lightness” – General L’Hotte

It is not often that a person considers an Appaloosa Sport Horse for a particular job. This was the case for Troubadour, a wonderful, rather small, grey gelding with faint marks over his back. Trouby is what is known as a “Snowflake” Appaloosa, or a dark horse with white spots over his body. Classic with his breed, Trouby’s eyes show the white sclera around the pupil, much like a human’s eyes, though in his case it is not very visible.trouby

Occasionally, and only occasionally, the all round perfect child’s horse comes available.  Troubadour is such a horse. Trouby has been the spearhead of the Giddy Up Pony Camp, maintaining his position with dignity amongst the other horses. For the past eleven years, at Giddy Up Acres, he has been loved by humans, young and not so young, as well as by every horse he comes in contact with, Troubadour has made his way into the hearts of everyone who comes near him.  In all his years he has never been one to display displeasure with any activity or any living creature.

Troubadour had one owner before coming to Giddy Up Pony Camp, a wonderful lady, who raised him from a foal until his fourteenth year. He had a pony companion for many of those years called Lightening, whom he adored. When his mistress became ill and couldn’t look after the horses, she made the heartbreaking decision to give him away, to a good home. It was an honour to become Trouby’s care giver.  This was before Giddy Up Pony Camp came into being and the ranch was know as Giddy Up Acres. Both he and Lightening came together and enjoyed the fields with a Standardbred called Darius and a mare called Jody. 


It wasn’t long before Trouby began to show his abilities in the show ring. He could move into a full stretch gallop from a complete stop, in one stride.  He could turn on a dime, change leads on cue and become as docile as a kitten all in the same breath. As fantastic as he is with everyone and as unusual as he is with his spots, the word Sport in Troubadour’s breed comes to mind when considering the little horse.





Trouby excels at whatever task is given to him. He is a distinguished gentleman in the English Pleasure and hunter/jumper show ring, as well as a fierce competitor in the western barrel racing and pole bending circuit. A wall had been dedicated to Trouby’s activities but the awards became too many to continue displaying. Now they are carefully wrapped and stored away. As a gymkhana pony, he still brings the ribbons and trophies home for his young riders.


Troubadour will be 25 years old this year. He has been retired from stressful gaming circuit, for a year now.  However, Trouby continues to make his presence known to the children, who want him for their very own practice pony at the summer camp.   He is so old now that his spots are almost no longer visible. However, as old as he is, Troubadour remains a real gentleman as his young charges love his gentle spirit and his willing ways.

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Giddy Up Pony Camp, A Place For Every Child!

Giddy Up Pony Camp is an excellent adventure riding camp where young riders learn to ride and take care of a horse, learn English as a second language, spend the summer romping around the beaches and having a great time on Prince Edward Island, in Canada. They learn to have confidence in themselves.

Riders ages 7-16 get to stay at the prestigeous 4 star B&B, Ar Dachaidh, in Orwell Cove or they can be day students, which ever best suits the child.  On site instruction in English as a Second Language, with a qualified experienced teacher, is offered for those requesting the ESL package. Youth riders from France, Thailand and Japan have registered for fun filled camps in the past. They have joined young riders from PEI, Connecticut, Quebec and New Brunswick making friends for life.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide each and every young rider with a wonderful riding experience based upon mutual respect, safety and fun.

Amanda Currie-Poirier

Amanda has owned and operated the hugely popular Giddy Up Pony Camp since 2001.  She had her first pony when she was two and has not stopped riding since.  This energetic young woman comes from a family of experienced horse lovers on both sides of her family.


Prior to opening her own business, Amanda has helped operate pony camps and taught lessons at Amberlea Meadows in Leduc, Alberta and at the prestigeous National Equestrian Center in Canberra, Australia and more recently she spent a year training and working with, Cindy Matheson, an FEI coach and owner of Tea Hill Stables in Tea Hill, PEI. Amanda is a competitor in both the English and Western arenas with numerous first and second place awards and ribbons to her credit.


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