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Reining and Dressage At The Same Time


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Blue Hors Matine – the ‘Dancing Mare’ Dies At Age 13

Blue Hors Matine, the horse dubbed the ‘Dancing Mare’, in a previous post, died today at age 13, after breaking her leg in the field, at her home.

The Danish Warmblood mare had been retired last August, after Las Vegas World Cup Competition, in 2009, when she slipped while off loading her trailer.  She suffered long term tendon injuries.

Blue Hors Matine was expected to continue as a broodmare. The horse forums around the world are saddened by this unexpected turn of events. People think she was in foal and due to give birth soon. But I read on one site that she was to be inseminated this coming spring by another of the Blue Hors horses. To me, it just didn’t make sense that they not attempt to save the foal. It would have been difficult but surely conceivable.  I believe her impending motherhood was nothing more than a rumor. An error on the part of one of the news wires.


She was in her home field with her buddy Blue Hors Cavan, when a passerby noticed that she had been injured and reported it to the stable staff, it was said.  The veterinarian put her down because she had broken her off foreleg at the knee joint, shortly after.

What a sad day for the world of the show horse! Accidents happen, but strangely enough I feel somewhat disconnected and at a loss because of the death of Matine. I will never have the chance to meet her and watch as she dances her way into more hearts. I feel almost like I’ve lost one of my own.  What a sad day it is, indeed!

The mare sky-rocketed to fame after winning the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, winning the Grand Prix Freestyle with Andreas Helgstrand. The following video is the winning ride.

Blue Hors Matine, by Blue Hors Silver Moon also took the Bronze at the games for the Grand Prix Special.

This video has seen around 10 million views to date, since it was put up on YouTube. I imagine it will be seen by another 10 million now that she is dead.

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The Dancing Mare

This is the direction I would like to take Frilly in – Dressage! But it is a pipe dream, because Frilly is, without any effort from me, turning into a cow pony. C’est la Vie!

However, this is still one of the most beautiful activities that a horse and rider has. There is a complete unison in movements. Blue Horse Martine and Andreas make it look so easy to accomplish and Martine is only nine years old. I can watch Matine over and over again and then watch her again.

The WEG2006 Freestyle Dressage Final performance of ANDREAS HELGSTRAND on BLUE HORSE MATINE

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