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What to do With Miles and Miles of Baling Twine – installment #6

breast strap 2This is a breast strap I recently made for my niece. I used baling twine from the 4 foot round bales and handmade paper beads painted with nailpolish and lacquard  to a fine polish and thousands of seed beads. Her favourite colour is orange with brown trim. I neglected to take a photo of the final product before giving it away. But this is close enough to get a good idea.

Installment #5 What to do with Miles of Baling Twine

Installment #4 Horse Halter and Matching Lead Rope

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Installment #1 What Do You Do With Miles of Baling Twine?


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Horse Halter and Matching Lead Rope

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.  ~Winston Churchill

Tip # 12

This horse show halter and matching lead rope is another update on the Baling Twine saga.  The eight foot lead rope, of course, is the same as the previous up date. Today is the matching show halter.

Woodmere Frilifili Modeling Horse Show Rope and Mtching Lead Rope

Woodmere Frilifili Modeling Horse Show Rope and Matching Lead Rope

I had this halter planned out in my head very carefully.  And nothing went smoother in making it.  Except for the time it took.  The two-toned halter is coral red and aqua blue and it is reversible, so it is basically two halters stitched together.  Lovely blue craft foam is sandwiched between the two layers. The halter is very soft and spongy all around and I can only imagine comfortable for the horse.  There is double foam on the poll strap and the nose piece. Unlike most twines used in macrame, this particularly baling twine has a silken sheen to it, that almost glows.

I used an old halter of Copper‘s for the hardware. What horse person doesn’t have a broken or unused halter in the stable box? I have several, infact from one horse. Now I have three horses, I expect to go through halters three times as fast.  I won’t though, I don’t really think since I haven’t been keeping halters on the beasties.  I had a new hook that I had bought to repair a broken one. So basically the halter and lead rope cost approximately $3.00CDN to make and time.  If I decide to add a fly screen, it will take only a few minutes to make one to fit this halter and add the screening.

The show halter and lead rope is UV resistant and totally weather proof.  It is fade resistant also and so strong that one strand of the twine holds an eight to nine hundred pound bale of hay together.  Clean up is a snap, wash it in the washer or use a scrub brush. Personally I like an old toothbrush when the beastie decided to roll in fresh manure. Any detergent will do.

The only problem I can find with the halter is that it took too long to make.  I would have to charge between $200 and $250, just to make a minimum wage off it.  Of course, it could be made cheeper by using only one layer instead of three.  It wouldn’t have the foam sandwich but it would still be reversible.  Of course it would be possible to line the halter with leather on the interior and foam under it.  Mind you I’ve had a baling twine halter one Frilly and on Willow for the better part of a year, without the foam.  It is still softer then leather and nylon.

Tiny Headed Willow Breeze Models Horse Show Halter and Matching Lead Rope

Tiny Headed Willow Breeze Models Horse Show Halter and Matching Lead Rope

In fact, the stings became frozen in ice under the bale this winter on one of the bales.  We attached a tow rope around it and hooked it to our four wheel drive Sierra pick-up truck.  In four wheel drive, the truck could not break the stings on the bale of hay and the bale stayed in place until spring thawed the ice.   In all fairness, the truck was also on ice, but it had four new studded tires on it. The strings would not break so we could jerk the bale free.  I didn’t cut the strings for obvious reasons, lol.

Gimme A Dream Modeling the Halter While Frilly Does the Inspection

Big-headed Gimme A Dream Modeling the Halter While Frilly Does the Inspection









I am so in love with baling twine tack.  It doesn’t stretch, yet it is flexible enough for any type of equipment.  It is re-using a material which normally goes to the dump and becomes land fill because no one has come up with a good use for it.

I’m going to make a pair of stirrup straps with it. My leathers are getting worn and even last year, I thought they would break.  I’ve made a beautiful bridle, reins and a breast strap in blue.  I don’t have the hardware to put it all together yet so I have put it up for show. It is coming.  Next winter my big progect is to make a baling twine harness for a horse and buggy.  I’ll probably be blue because I have so much of it, but it could also be mixed like this halter.

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