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Horseback Riding Vacation

A True Adventure Holiday Is A Horse Riding Vacation!

How would you like to go for a romantic ride on a warm summers evening, under a full moon on a beach of soft white sand, with the sound of the surf to one side and sea birds above you? Now you can ride Gimme A Dream, Willow Breeze, Woodmere Frilifili (Frilly), Bonanza and occasionally even the elderly Shaman on the most wonderful of all vacations.

The Magdalen Islands are known to have more than 300 running kilometers of cream to white sandy beaches. Now you can ride some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and back woods trails, canter through shallow water and follow trails that were made for riding on, while taking in breath-taking panoramic scenery.  Old Harry beach is world famous for its 30 some odd miles of endless sand, sand hills and surf and the East Point Wildlife Reserve trails are on its borders. This is Gimme A Dream’s Vacation World.

Explore stunted forests, salt-water marshes, cranberry, crowberry and blueberry moors. Get a look at the islands wildlife up close. Study orchids that are unique to the islands and learn of herbs that the original settlers used to eat and heal themselves with.

Watch the maritime birds in their natural setting and a multitude of the other 250 or more bird species that frequent the islands.  Learn of the early settlers and the shipwreck society they became.  Bask in the beautiful, sunsets known to man. Swim in warm, quiet lagoon waters, salt water lakes or surf waves on the open beach.

You can camp so close to the beach that the sound of the surf lulls you to sleep and then rise to the most wonderful sunrise over the Gulf waters. Experience ghost stories from shipwrecks around a warm campfire and perhaps, if you are lucky, you’ll meet Isabelle, a beautiful, young mother from the 1847 shipwreck Miracle, who has been searching for the children she lost, the past 163 years.  Take long leisurely walks over varied flatlands. Pick berries during their season and go fishing mackerel with a rod and reel off the wharves and capes. Search for shells, pebbles and small sea creatures that washed ashore.

There are a million and one things to do either on horseback, foot, kayak or canoe on the Magdalen Islands.

So, if you feel like stepping out of the rat race and dream of cantering along a deserted sandy beach with the taste of sea-spray rousing your senses, or wonder what it would be like to slow it all down, to get in touch with yourself again, to allow your instincts to guide you and to recall how to laugh, and sing, and celebrate life remember that, even in today’s fast moving world, there is still a place where all this is possible…, Iles-de-la-Madeleine and her horses await you….

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